Generate a self sign cert with PowerShell

Have ever been stumbled upon needing a certificate very fast and looking for tools for hours? Well I found a series of PowerShell commands which makes your life super easy.

PublishedJun 22, 2017
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Using client certificates for ASP.Net Core App hosted on Azure Web App service

Recently we had to communicate with an external API featuring mutual authentication using client certificates (AKA two way SSL).

PublishedMay 03, 2017
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Setting up VSTS CI/CD for a SPA app using AngularCLI, ASPNetCore (Part 1)

Recently I was assigned to a green field project where we had to create an initial structure of a project which was going to be written in Angular 2 using Angular CLI for front end side and ASP.Net Core for back-end.

PublishedApr 27, 2017
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Are you facing docker version error?

I was working with my docker image for my pet project and suddenly got an error message:

PublishedFeb 15, 2017
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Troubleshooting Xamarin project issues with visual studio

Today I started to install Xamarin and create a pet project for myself. While doing so I faced a couple of issues and solved them using a couple of hints from SO which are worth sharing so other new starters like me can fix them quicker than me.

PublishedJan 09, 2017
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How to keep yourself updated (pet projects)

For us (developers) the most irritating and cumbersome process is to keep ourselves up to date, since every 2 second a new language/tool/technology is born out of nowhere. We know that we have to keep up with them if we want to stay in loop and don’t get left behind.

PublishedNov 11, 2016
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How to show your leadership skills even if you're not a leader

I am currently working towards a promotion to Senior Consultant and as part of the process I have needed to demonstrate my leadership skills and abilities.  Working solo on an engagement with a client who won’t let me go, I have not been in an actual team lead role, and this has made it challenging to demonstrate team leadership skills.  I figure that others might be in a similar position, so thought it worth sharing some of my lessons.

PublishedOct 26, 2016
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Getting to know webpack

At its core, webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. When webpack processes your application, it internally builds a dependency graph which maps every module your project needs and generates one or more bundles.

PublishedSep 11, 2016
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Preparation steps for Angular 2 migration

I’ve seen many ways to shape an Angular app in different companies. This means when we try to upgrade to Angular 2 some of them might be easy to migrate compared to others.

PublishedJul 13, 2016
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ES6 new features (Part III)

Well for a long time I wanted to write a blog post about migrating Angular 1.x to 2, however, before doing so I thought it is really helpful to write about some prerequisites of that.

PublishedJul 11, 2016
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