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Getting in touch

I am usually available via email or Twitter. LinkedIn messaging is another way to reach me but I don't check it that often.
Or just use the contact form below, however, it might take a while before I can respond.

Twitter: @yashints
I try to be active on Twitter, my DM is open and you can reach me anytime, if I don't respond to you soon, it might be because of two things.
Either you're on a different timezone, or I am busy, but don't worry I will respond sooner or later.

This is by far the most convenient way to contact me. I try to clear my inbox daily, so chances are high you will get your response soon.
And I love to meet new people and grow my network with professionals like yourself 😉

LinkedIn: yashints
Not so responsive to messages in here, but I leave it here anyway just in case you're a LinkedIn addict 😏