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I've recently published my Web performance for PWAs course on PluralSight. It's packed with practical examples, tips and tricks to equip you for your journey on web performance tuning. Make sure to check it out and leave your feedback once finished.


You and your team armed with my knowledge.
Coming with strong development and consulting background means I had the chance to work on many web applications from small to large commercial products. Because of this, I've seen far too many occasions where the application is suffering from poor performance and the users are not happy when interacting with it. So I've put together my Web Performance workshop which covers many areas from measuring and base lining to using modern Web APIs to be reactive to performance.
The format and covered topics is flexible to your circumstances. We will work together to tailor the workshop to your needs and make sure you get the best outcome out of it.
This workshop has received a great feedback and has helped individuals and companies to realise the importance of web performance and it's impact on UX.


How many people can attend?Can we see the agenda?How long is the workshop?Can we choose the content?What if we're a non-for-profit business?Do you work with universities?