Improve HTML and CSS performance

Recently I had a chance to present a talk at NDC Sydney about web performance and it received a great feedback.

PublishedSep 29, 2018
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Destructuring in JavaScript

With improvements on JavaScript and ECMAScript many awesome features are added which we don’t normally use. However, when you read other people’s code from OSS to doing a simple code review, you might face these features used and not know what they do.

PublishedSep 12, 2018
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I am a proud lazy developer

I saw a quote today on Twitter:

As a developer I don’t feel bad about being lazy. If I can make a computer to repeat something for me, why should I do it myself?

PublishedAug 20, 2018
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Use an Angular component inside a React application

With release of Angular 6, the team released Angular Elements which allows you to bootstrap Angular components within an existing Angular application by registering them as Custom Components.

PublishedJul 28, 2018
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Boost up your performance using Angular preloading strategy

Angular Router has been supporting lazy loading of child modules for a long time. What’s even more cool is that later on they added PreloadAllModules strategy so you can preload all of the modules in the background asynchronously. This will help boost up the loading time and performance tremendously.

PublishedJun 06, 2018
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How to migrate from WordPress to Jekyll and GitHub Pages

I restarted my blogging around 2016 after loosing all of my previous content and chose WordPress because I wanted to focus on content rather than managing the site.

PublishedJun 06, 2018
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I gave a talk in an official conference

I’ve been trying to actively improve my public speaking skills (one of the reasons why I blog less these days 😁) and started from local meetups and user groups. However, my goal was to give a talk in an official conference this year.

PublishedMay 08, 2018
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Switching between VirtualBox and Hyper V

Recently I had to switch between VirtualBox and Hyper-V and unfortunately these two don’t get along well 😉. So I started googling for a solution and this one was the one that got my attention.

PublishedApr 13, 2018
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IoT and some misconeptions

I’ve being reading around internet of things (IoT) and playing with some of the kits available, however, this post is not about how to setup a device and read the data from sensors.

PublishedMar 21, 2018
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Angular and PWA, the life ahead of us

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are getting more and more attractions by day. With recent move from DevKit team, adding service worker support to the latest version of Safari, and Microsoft adding progressive web applications to their store, we can see the importance of the key role PWAs play in today’s market.

PublishedFeb 09, 2018
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