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I’ve contributed to the development community in many ways, be it speaking at conferences, writing technical blog posts, getting involved in conferences as volunteer or part of the crew, or helping with Hackatons and Open Hacks. However, writing a book has been in my todo list for quite a while, and honestly, I’ve been afraid to start due to various reasons, mainly because I heard how much time and energy you need to put into it.

Regardless, I set it as a goal in 2021 and after a few months working on it, voila, it’s now listed on Amazon to be published early next year. I am so excited about it and thought to share my experience and how I reached this milestone.

PublishedDec 02, 2021
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Application registration, service principal, system-assigned managed identity, user-assigned managed identity, Enterprise Application, these are just a few concepts in Microsoft Identity Platform which helps businesses protect their applications and provide authentication and authorization using Azure Active Directory (aka AAD).

There are many scenarios which can be covered using these concepts and although Microsoft has a ton of documentation around these, people get confused simply because of sheer amount of information to digest. So the point of these series is to get people to understand these concepts and apply them in their products developed on top of Azure AD without having to get information overload. In this post we will cover the basics.

PublishedJul 02, 2021
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If you have deployed a resource in Microsoft Azure as part of your CI/CD pipeline you have probably worked with ARM templates. These templates can be used to automate your resource deployment to Azure and help you to have consistent environments whether it’s for testing, development or production purposes. However, there are some shortcomings when it comes to complex environments especially when you have many resources and the dependency between them makes the templates to be either super busy, very complex, or unreadable.

For that Microsoft has introduced Bicep which is designed to overcome these issues and help you with your infrastructure as code setup.

PublishedMay 10, 2021
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Azure Functions is one of the the serverless services in Azure which allows you to run your business logic without worrying about where it’s running and how it scales. But it being serverless is not the highlight of this amazing service, the way it’s designed which allows you to leverage a very diverse set of triggers and input/output bindings without writing much code is to me the best of the best. So in this article I’ve decided to take you on a journey with a few of the common triggers and bindings and show you how to set them up quickly and without writing any unnecessary code.

PublishedMar 29, 2021
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Azure Cosmos DB is one of the foundational services in Azure, which provides high availability, global scale and an impressive performance. However, it could be a bit costly for developers to spin up an instance during their development especially if they don’t know some of the basics such as what should be the partition key, what throughput they should select and so on that much.

The Azure Cosmos DB Emulator is a service provided by Microsoft which allows you to emulate the Cosmos DB Service locally for development purposes. In addition, no matter whether you’re using Azure CosmosDB or not, at some point you might have to test some sort of DocumentDB locally.

PublishedDec 15, 2020
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I recently was trying to prepare a demo which involved me having a local MongoDb database. I reviewed a few options and was about to choose one when I remembered I have Azure Cosmos DB Emulator installed and Cosmos DB supports MongoDb APIs.

PublishedNov 30, 2020
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This post is one of those posts which is related to my consulting side. I was involved in a project where infrastructure as code was the approach from get go and since we had everything on Azure, we chose a mix of ARM templates and PowerShell. I hit a few issues along the way which I think it’s very valuable to be aware of for many people and especially myself in future on a similar project 😊.

PublishedOct 31, 2019
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Using Azure B2C as your identity manager (Part 1)

Flexibility is a key part of Azure Active Directory B2C. Use built-in policies to create a login experience in minutes. For more complex scenarios, use our identity experience framework to build custom policies.

PublishedAug 16, 2017
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