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Yas Adel Mehraban (Yashints) | LLM

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🖥️ Use local AI to supercharge your coding skills

Are you a developer who wants to use AI in their day to day coding but don’t have access to tools like GitHub Copilot, GitHub Copilot Workspace or Cloud based services like Azure OpenAI? If yes, read on and you’re going to have super powers by the end of this post.

PublishedJun 07, 2024
Time to read5 min
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🔮 fabric, augmenting humans using AI

If you have worked with OpenAI or any other Generative AI model aka LLMs, you would know that writing a good prompt is a very key part of how we interact with those models. However, it’s often ignored which most probably means people are not getting the most out of these super capable models.

PublishedJun 01, 2024
Time to read4 min
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🥇 Run your generative AI model locally 🥇

Many learners ask me how they can get access to Azure OpenAI and Generative AI since they don’t have access to an enabled subscription. I knew there are open source tools which allow people to work with these models, but I never had a use case to go and try this out.

PublishedMay 28, 2024
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