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Infrastructure as code, Azure app service using a wildcard certificate from KeyVault

This post is one of those posts which is related to my consulting side. I was involved in a project where infrastructure as code was the approach from get go and since we had everything on Azure, we chose a mix of ARM templates and PowerShell. I hit a few issues along the way which I think it’s very valuable to be aware of for many people and especially myself in future on a similar project 😊.

PublishedOct 31, 2019
Time to read9 min
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Using Azure B2C as your identity manager (Part 1)

Flexibility is a key part of Azure Active Directory B2C. Use built-in policies to create a login experience in minutes. For more complex scenarios, use our identity experience framework to build custom policies.

PublishedAug 16, 2017
Time to read4 min
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